The Social Problem

  • Malaria is killing more than 3,000 African children every day – UNICEF
  • Malaria and poverty are intimately connected. The highest malaria mortality rates are seen in countries that have the highest rates of extreme poverty – The Earth Institute Columbia University
  • Nigeria has the highest burden of Malaria in the World Health Organization African Region, with many of its citizens living on less than $1.25 a day – WHO World Malaria Report 2012
  • Approximately 340million people in Africa are without access to safe drinking water – WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme
  • Nearly 870million people, or one in eight, were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2010 – 2012, according to a UN hunger report –Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN
  • In the second it takes to say malaria, 10 children under 5 will have contracted the disease. 3 of the children won’t survive it – society For Family Health NGO